And now for the final installment of my garage renovation.  In wrapping up this project I textured and painted the walls.  Then I built my own cabinets and work bench.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of pictures from this part of the project and the various steps I took.  For previous parts, see links at bottom of post.

I’m going to lead with the Before, During, and After, because its amazing how much better the garage looks now.  It’s also been great to have a more functional garage.



The very first thing I did for this project was build the carcasses for the cabinets.  This was a lot of fun until I had to install and align leveling feet for the cabinets.  Also note, the walls are painted white in the picture below, it’s a dramatic difference from before.

Cabinet Carcass
This was just the initial frame for the cabinet.

Here are a few more pictures of the cabinets early in the build:

Backing has been installed on inside.
Backing has been installed on inside.
Drawers are installed
Drawers are installed


Used ball bearing slides so I could have full extension drawers
Used ball bearing slides so I could have full extension drawers


Towards the end of this project, I actually ran out of plywood, and I needed more for the cabinet doors.  Fortunately, I had some laying around – in the form of a custom beer pong table I built more than 2 years ago.

Beer Pong Table
This is a beer pong table I built in 2012


I managed to salvage the “M” moniker and used it as one set of cabinet doors, and saved the triangles for another set of doors.  The final product was solid, and turned out looking great.  I’m very proud of these cabinets and how they look.  One of the features of the bench top, is that I used hardboard framed in by oak edge pieces.  The nice thing about the hardboard, is that it is tough, and easy to replace.  I used this so if any damage occurs to the bench top, I could easily replace it.


Garage Work Bench
Workbench is complete


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