I realize it’s been a while since I’ve done anything on Moonham.  It’s been more than a YEAR!  Yikes…

This time last year I was wrapping up several of my garage renovation and home improvement projects.  Then, my life got hit with one of the biggest work projects I’ve ever seen.  I actually had to travel to China for a major implementation.  Life hasn’t been the same since, but now I’m finally settling back into some normality.

I figured I’d pick things back up with the Garage Reno and share all the pictures/details of what we did to get the garage to be a much cooler place. I’ll work on getting one big China post into my travel section as well (along with some other fun we’ve had over the last year).

A lot has happened since I left off at Part 2, and needless to say, we are done with the project at this time (with a few things left out of scope).  Last  time we left off with demolition, adding electrical, fixing pipes, and installing insulation.

Next, we took on installing drywall.  This was very VERY challenging for Sam and I to tackle on our own.  We purchased dense 5/8″ drywall, which was very heavy and difficult to maneuver.  As difficult as it can be to hang drywall, I still think it is so much more work to mud and sand it.  Alas, we survived (see gallery below).  After this, I textured the walls and ceiling and then painted.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from this, but you’ll see more in the next post when I build my workbench and tool cabinet.







Garage Renovation Part 3 of 4 – Installing Drywall

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