Here is where we are at on the garage renovation since my last post:

pipes are fixed and pipe insulation has been installed

New shutoff valve and pipe insulation










I’ve added new electrical outlets for a future side-mount garage door opener.

Workbench electrical outlet added

Future garage opener outlet added










New insulation has been added to keep the garage nice and toasty during the winter time.

Wall insulation installed









We just finished installing the drywall this week (sorry no pictures yet).

This has been a big project, but I’m glad I’m finally getting it done.  I’m aiming to have the walls mudded this weekend with joint compound and then I’ll texture the wall to be painted.  There’s a lot to go, and I’ll include more details in future posts.

For now, here are the next steps for this project, knowing whats next and the relatively cheap cost of materials is making this project easy to move more quickly now:

  • cover up drywall screws and seams with joint compound and dry wall tape
  • Sand down drywall mud.
  • Apply spray texture to wall and ceiling on that side of the garage.
  • Paint on primer followed by some semi-gloss white paint.
  • Tear down old (crumbling) cabinets and workbench
  • Paint garage floor on that half of the garage
  • Plan and build new cabinets and workbench
  • Move tools to their new home.
  • Repeat the above steps for remainder of garage.
Garage Reno (part 2 of TBD)

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